10 Cool Facts About The Wimbledon Tennis Tournament

Wimbledon Tennis is a very famous tournament, and here you will be amazed by knowing some facts about Wimbledon Tennis which is the oldest tournament.

In Wimbledon, at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, tennis tournament is again underway. This tournament is for two weeks. Every day, 39,000 viewers enjoy the two weeks of competition, including celebrities and royalty. Word’s best tennis players compete for the silver trophy. However, everyone in the stadium keen to watch them. You can have the pleasure of conversation about players, court, and condition of the match with a little tennis knowledge. In addition, here we have stated some fascinating facts about Wimbledon Tennis.

Facts About Wimbledon Tennis

10 Cool Facts About  Wimbledon Tennis Tournament
10 Cool Facts About Wimbledon Tennis Tournament

The Oldest Tennis Tournament In The World

The first tennis tournament was conducted in 1877. That year, only men’s singles match was played. However, Competition introduced men’s doubles and ladies’ singles in 1884. The committee added mixed doubles and ladies’ doubles in 1913.

A British Invention- Facts about Wimbledon Tennis

However, Walter Clopton Wingfield from the United Kingdom had invented this game, and he initially named it “sphairistikè” The word sphairistike represents the meaning of art that relates to playing a ball.

Matches May Last Forever

In 2010, players played the longest tennis match at Wimbledon. A player from the United States defeated Nicolas Mahut, a French tennis player in the longest game. Furthermore, the game lasted for 11 hours, 5 minutes. They played for three days later the year. 

130 Years On Television

BBC had aired the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament for the first time on television on 21 June 1937. It is one of the most surprising facts of all facts about Wimbledon Tennis.

Winners Do Not Keep Trophy

At England Club’s Museum, all trophies are kept. Winners are not allowed to take the winning prize with them. But they will get the replica of the same.

Woman Holds The Record Of Wimbledon Singles

Martina Navratilova, an American player, and retired Czech made the record with nine wins. In Men’s singles, Pete Sampras, William Renshaw, and Roger Federer won the tournament seven times each. 

250 People To Keep Track Of Balls

250 people, including boys and girls, were hired to keep track of balls. They are called BBGs. However, Committee provides training on how to get track records for fast-moving balls.

54, 250 Balls Used: Facts about Wimbledon Tennis

By every seven to nine events, the leader replaces the nuts. They change the balls to ensure the proper shape of balls during the tournament. They keep the balls in the chilled containers to maintain the condition of balls.

10 Cool Facts About  Wimbledon Tennis Tournament
10 Cool Facts About Wimbledon Tennis Tournament

Prefer White Dress: Facts about Wimbledon Tennis

Wimbledon rules specify that every player should wear an entirely white uniform. If players don’t maintain the dress code, an umpire can ask him/her to change. For example, Roger Federer, Wimbledon champion, had worn white shoes with orange soles. Empire asked him to change his shoes for the next match. Furthermore, this incident happened in 2013.

Only Grand Slam Event On The Grass Courts

However, it is the only grand slam event that plays on grass courts. The court is full of grass for almost the whole year. Gardeners cut the grass at the height of 8mm. Moreover, the grass level is uniform at 8mm.

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