3 Things To Consider While Transitioning From Indoor Tennis To Outdoor

Transitioning from indoor tennis to outdoor one.

Are you planning to transition from an indoor tennis court to an outdoor one?

There are so many reasons why you would want to transition from indoor to outdoor tennis. You may have been forced to play tennis inside because of the harsh winter outside and you have adapted your techniques to fit into the indoor courts.

Maybe you’ve never played tennis outdoor before but now you have to play in an outdoor court because of your next tennis tournament. In this article, we’re going to discuss some of the important things that you have to consider to adapt to outdoor courts.

So, here we go.

1. Check Your Equipment

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3 Things to Consider While Transitioning From Indoor Tennis to Outdoor Tennis

If you’re planning to transition from indoor to outdoor tennis, you’ve to take a good look at your equipment. Playing outdoors has different challenges compared to playing on an indoor court. So, in order to excel in outdoor surface and make the transition smoother, you may have to modify your equipment.

Generally, the lifespan of your tennis equipment can seriously reduce when you play on an outdoor court. The ball and the racket can easily get dirty and that dirt may even damage your strings. Besides, there are other weather factors that play a big role in reducing the lifespan of your equipment.

You won’t face these kinds of problems in an indoor tennis court.

On the other hand, the surface may also force you to adapt your equipment. The ball will travel much faster on the hard surface of an indoor court than on a clay court. So, you may have to change your string tension, grip, and the type of string to adapt to the change.

2. Prepare Yourself

You’ve got to prepare yourself for the outdoor courts to excel in the new conditions and surfaces. In an indoor tennis court, you never had to face the scorching sun, gusting wind, and unbearable humidity. But the outdoor courts are going to be different as you have to face all of the above.

So, prepare yourself for these conditions. Develop a proper diet. Make sure you keep eating snacks like banana and granola bars to stay in full flow during outdoor practice sessions. And if you’re playing under the sun, then don’t forget to drink plenty of water as you’ll sweat so much, especially if the situation is humid too.

Make sure you apply proper sunscreen if the sun is right over your head and bring some extra towels, shirts, socks, grips, and caps.

3. Understand The New Conditions To Adapt Your Style

3 Things to Consider While Transitioning From Indoor Tennis to Outdoor Tennis

If you’ve played all your previous tennis games in an indoor court, then you’ll have to adapt your playing style to get comfortable playing on an outdoor surface.

All the indoor courts have a hard surface. So, the ball will move fast and will have a consistent bounce. But when you’ll move to outdoor courts, the ball’s speed and bounce can vary a lot. The ball will move slower on a clay court so you have to learn how to wait for the ball and then hit it.

On the other hand, the tennis ball will move much faster than the indoor courts. And the fact that the ball will always stay low makes things even harder.

Also, you have to take care of the wind speed and the swing of the ball. You’ve never faced swing in the indoor courts. But here in the outside, it’s a completely different ball game as the air will cause the ball’s trajectory to change mid-air.

So, make sure you practice for at least one week on the outdoor court before you play a match with your opponent.

In The End…

The transition from indoor to the outdoor tennis court is hard. But with the right kind of tips and practice, you can adapt to any kind of surface.

Make sure you adjust your tennis equipment according to the situation to make the best use of them. Prepare yourself for the outdoor conditions. Set a proper diet and keep extra gears to make sure outdoor conditions don’t bother you. Also, adapt to the outdoor playing conditions.

Once you overcome all these obstacles, you’ll be able to dominate the outdoor tennis too.

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