4 Types Of Tennis Ball Every Beginner Need To Know About

A tennis ball on the top of the racket.

Are you selecting the wrong type of tennis ball? Because if you do, then you’re slowing down your own progress.

That’s right. Picking the right type of ball is as important as picking the right rackets or shoes. But we all tend to spend so much time in selecting other tennis gears that we forget to select the right tennis balls.

Selecting the right ball according to your skills and level is crucial as it helps you improve your existing abilities. However, if you’re playing with the wrong one, then you’re only pushing yourself back. So, it’s important to choose the right ball.

And to do that, you’ve to know the types of balls beginner and intermediate players normally use. In this article, you’ll learn about 4 different types of tennis balls and how to choose the right one for you.

So, without further ado, let’s dig in.

1. The Beginner Ball

If you’ve never played tennis before and just starting out with this game, then you’ll start your tennis journey with a beginner ball. This kind of balls is perfect to develop your tennis skills and get a feel of it.

These balls move relatively slow around the court. And this is great because it helps any tennis beginner to learn the basic technique easily.

There are three kinds of beginner ball:

  • Red Ball: This is the first ball most beginners start their tennis training with. This ball is specially designed while keeping the children in mind. So, if you’re teaching your child tennis, then the red ball is the perfect one to start with.
  • Orange Ball: If you’ve mastered playing with the red ball, then you’ll start playing with an orange one. Players usually play with an orange ball on a court with 3/4th of the length of an actual tennis court.
  • Green Ball: The green ball is almost as same as a regular yellow ball which is used in a professional game. However, the green balls are slower than the yellow ones. This makes them a perfect ball for a beginner to master different skills and techniques.

2. Regular Duty Tennis Ball

A pack of regular duty tennis ball from Wilson.
4 Types of Tennis Ball Every Beginner Need to Know About

This kind of balls comes with a lot smoother cover that makes these balls less fuzzy compared to other tennis balls.

This is because these balls are usually used to play on a clay court. And to avoid the clay substances from sticking to the ball, they’re intentionally designed to be less fuzzy.

Clay courts normally absorb the ball’s energy and make it slower that is particularly helpful for the beginners. And these regular duty tennis balls are specially made for the clay courts. This makes these balls a perfect fit for the beginners to further develop their skills.

3. Pressurized Tennis Balls

These balls are exactly what they sound like. These balls come with a lot of pressure right on their spherical surface.

This makes these balls way more rigid than the regular balls. And because of that, these balls bounce a lot higher than the regular balls. This, in turn, improves the playing experience and makes the game fast-paced.

However, these balls are less durable than other tennis balls and they don’t stay that much for a long time once they’re out of the pressurized cans.

So, if you’re not planning to play a lot of tennis in a short amount of time, it’s better to look for other types of tennis balls on this list.

4. Non-pressurized Tennis Balls

3 non-pressurized tennis ball
4 Types of Tennis Ball Every Beginner Need to Know About

A pressurized ball may provide a better playing experience, but it doesn’t last for more than 20-25 games. After that, the playing experience and the ball’s quality drops very quickly.

But if you want a durable ball that will last for way longer than a pressurized ball, then a non-pressurized tennis ball is the right fit for you. They last longer and provides a steady playing experience.

As this kind of tennis ball degrades slowly, you can keep practicing with them without having to worry about replacing them every week or month.

In Conclusion: Pick The Tennis Ball For You

When it comes to choosing the right tennis ball, it’s not an easy task. With all the different types of balls available in the market, it can get really difficult to choose the right one for your needs.

Evaluate the level of proficiency you have. If you’re a total beginner, start with the beginner ball. Go for the regular duty balls if you’re planning to play on clay or indoor courts. Choose the non-pressurized balls for your practice sessions and the pressurized ones for the matches.

Keep your specific needs in mind while selecting the ball and keep playing. This way, you can improve your skills and become a good player of tennis in no time.

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