5 Portable Things You’ll Need To Play Tennis

Portable tennis equipment: racket and balls.

What are the 5 portable things you’ll need to play tennis?

Of course, racket and balls are important. But that’s not enough. You need more than just a racket and ball to stay fresh and win the matches. Sometimes, not having the right things can pull a match away from you and drop it to your opponent’s pocket.

On the other hand, having the right gears and supplements will ensure that you stay prepared for any kind of situation. In this article, we’re going to discuss 5 portable things you’ll need to play tennis.

So, let’s begin.

1. A Racket

It goes without saying that you need a tennis racket in order to play tennis. So, unless you’re someone from the 16th century, you’d want to go straight to the shop to buy one for you.

Also, make sure you keep a spare racket for you if possible. Sometimes, the string of the racket can break and it can happen for several reasons. That’s why it’s wise to carry an alternative racket along with you.

Also, make sure your alternative racket is almost the same as your main racket. This will make changing rackets less worrisome as you already know how your racket feels.

So, always carry them together with a portable tennis bag.

2. Tennis Balls

5 Portable Things You'll Need To Play Tennis
5 Portable Things You’ll Need to Play Tennis

It’s pretty obvious that you need a tennis ball to play tennis. Just like the racket, you can’t play tennis without a ball. So, it’s always a good idea to carry a fresh new can of balls with you.

If you want to play tennis, then you need a tennis ball. And the best part is that you can play with a tennis ball even if there is no one to play with you. You can try to bounce the ball off your racket to get used to the sweet spot of the racket. You can even play against the wall.

So, always remember to carry a fresh can of tennis balls inside your portable tennis bag.

3. Extra Clothes For Tennis

When you’re playing tennis, it’s always a good idea to keep extra clothes inside your bag. Especially if you’re playing a match with someone or in a tournament, you can never say for sure how long the match will go.

And if you’re playing under the sun, then your clothes will be soaked with sweat and you can’t play with these clothes on then. Because if you do, then you may suffer from rashes or skin diseases and you may also lose heat continuously as the sweat starts to evaporate.

So, bring some extra clothes with you. This way, you can keep your entire focus on the match instead of your sweat-soaked clothes.

4. Towel

5 Portable Things You'll Need To Play Tennis
5 Portable Things You’ll Need to Play Tennis

Although the towel may not seem like a super-important thing for tennis, it plays a big role in refreshing you. When you play tennis for long hours, you’ll definitely sweat. And you’ll sweat a lot.

So, with a towel, you can easily wipe out all the sweat from your hands and face that will enable you to hold the racket even more tightly. Plus, you’ll get a lot of time to understand where you went wrong and create an amazing plan to defeat your opponent.

That’s why the towel is necessary. So, next time you go anywhere to play tennis, don’t forget to take your towel with you.

5. Water

Water is an essential thing that we need to stay alive. But it’s also what you seriously need to win a tennis match too. So, next time, before you start playing tennis, make sure you drink enough water that will keep you refresh and in full force.

Tennis is an unpredictable game and matches can last for days. On top of that, you’ll lose way too much water as sweat too. So, don’t forget to hydrate yourself before you go forward to win the match.


Tennis is an intense and highly individual game. It requires a lot of energy and stamina to persist throughout the match and win it. That’s why you need the right equipment.

Take your tennis racket with you and don’t forget to carry around an extra racket if needed. Take a fresh new can of balls with you and some extra clothes too. And last but not least, don’t forget to pack the towels and a bottle of water with you because you’re seriously going to need them.

Once you’ve taken every necessary item in your kit bag, it’s time to go and win the tournament.

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