8 Things Every Tennis Player Has To Deal With


In this article, you’ll learn about the things that every tennis player has to deal with no matter at what level they are playing.

Here we go.

1. You Have To Carry Your Own Stuff

No matter if you’re just a novice or a pro like Rafael Nadal, you’ll have to carry your own stuff right to the court. There is literally nobody to lend you a hand. And you’ve got to do that even in the biggest tennis tournaments like Australian Open and Wimbledon.

It’s not bad though. Many players willingly carry their bags and water bottles with them because they just feel safe that way. This way, they’d exactly know where their precious rackets are and what is happening to them.

Still, it’s kind of strange to see the pros this way.

2. Different Surfaces

Clay court
8 Things Every Tennis Player Has to Deal With

Grass courts might surprise you if all you’ve ever played on is hard courts. Tennis is a versatile game. If you wish to play professionally then you have to master playing on all types of court.

And for your information, there are many. There are carpet court, clay court, grass courts, and of course, hard court. And believe us, you’d have a lot of trouble adjusting to a new surface if you’ve never played on it.

The ball behaves differently on each surface so you better get some practice before the match day.

3. At Pro Level Tennis, There’s No Talking With Your Coach

While junior players and women tennis pros can consult with their coaches from time to time, but for men, it’s a whole different ball game.

At the professional men’s tennis, players are literally banned from even having a light chit-chat with their coach. However, there is a lot of debate is going on about this rule and if it should be vanished or not. But for now, you have to deal with it if you’re a man planning to play at the professional level.

It’s way too lonely out there.

4. The Urge To Just Smash Your Tennis Racket

You can be a sage with the calmest mind, but if you’re playing tennis, you’ll still have to deal with the urge to smash your racket.

Let’s face it. Tennis can be frustrating at times. Especially if you’re constantly losing matches to the lower-level players than you. If you lose to a weaker player, then your mind will be filled with a lot of negativity.

And then, yelling, badmouthing, and smashing racket to the ground can before you understand what is going on. At this point, you should clear your head and move on, practice hard, and emerge as victorious.

5. Suntan

If you’re playing tennis, then suntan is inevitable. Unless you stick to the indoor courts for all your practice needs and matches, you’ll have to deal with the sun.

And you’ll have to play under the sun for hours at times. So, you can apply sunscreen to your whole body including face, but you’ll still have a suntan. And you’ll also have to deal with the awkward look when you go to beaches to enjoy the sea.

But this resembles that you’re practicing hard to improve your game and it’s a good thing.

6. The Left-handed Nightmares

Hold on for a moment and think about what your coach taught you when you. They taught you to hit the ball at the backhand side of your opponent and you’ve hardwired your muscles and brain to do that automatically.

And suddenly you face a left-hander and all your shots are going near his or her forehand and they’re smashing every ball back to you with pleasure. That’s just pure hell.

Now you can understand why other right-handed players literally sweat when their opponent is, unfortunately, Rafael Nadal.

7. The Awkward Scoring Rules Of Tennis

8 Things Every Tennis Player Has to Deal With

Tennis probably has the most awkward scoring system in the world of competitive sports. The game starts with love(that’s a zero) and then it jumps from zero 15, then right to 30.

Okay, you probably starting to get a hang of it. The next point must be 45 right?

Ah well, I’m sorry but it’s not. The next point now bounces off 30 and drops straight at 40. And that’s because 45 takes so long to pronounce(what?). Whether you think it’s bizarre or not, tennis has been played this way for centuries. And it’s unlikely to change anytime soon.

8. The Deadly Momentum Swings

You might be playing your dream match and you’re dominating your opponent without losing a single point to him or her, but if the momentum swings to your opponent all of a sudden, then you can even lose the match.

All games face this phenomenon but for tennis, it goes to a whole new level. Here, a lot of weaker players succeeded to seal the match from the jaws of defeat just because they managed to score a point somehow. And the momentum just totally shifts toward them.