Everything You Should Know About The Game Of Tennis


The Game of Tennis is one of the most prestigious games in the world. People around the world celebrate the game in ways more than one. Some of the famous players do not rest till they win a lot of grand slam titles on a row. These players stand as an inspiration to the whole world. They lay steps for the young kids who would soon follow their path. Hence, it is interesting to learn about the facts of the game. By effects, we mean the historical tennis facts that defined the way this game is played and celebrated.

Everything You Should Know About The Game Of Tennis
Everything You Should Know About The Game Of Tennis

Anglo-Norman term

Well did it ring any bell when we speak about the Anglo-Norman’s? Yes, they are the ones who ruled the English. There are traces of French and Germanic tribes in their origin and vocabulary. The word tennis was derived from that language.


It is a prestigious thing to win Wimbledon. It would help if you were a pro to win a Wimbledon title. But the fact is that it is not an easy thing. It counts under grand slam. It can also be called as the Grandslam of Grand slams. The reason is quite simple. It is the first tennis tournament to have ever played. Hence, this tennis tournament has attracted the audience from different paths of life and the world. Every year people from across the continents go to The United Kingdom to watch the game.

Career Grandslam

This is why players play tennis. A player is known to have achieved Career Grand Slam if he wins all the four grand slams. A very few players have made it to that level. Players like Roger Federer, Nadal and Djokovic are among those who have held the prestigious name.

Davis Cup

Davis cup is next to Wimbledon. Every player wants to win the Davis Cup at least once in his entire career. This is not a surprise or a shock. The level of craze for the cup comes from its history.

Everything You Should Know About The Game Of Tennis
Everything You Should Know About The Game Of Tennis

Wheel Chair Sport

A disabled person can also play tennis. The international tennis association does the recognition of the people who are differently enabled. The wheelchair can also be used in the Olympics.

Tie Breaker

The tiebreaker in tennis was introduced as late as 1965. This is to solve the problem of continuing the game even further. This is now one of the things that stand as very important during the clutch times in a game. Sudden death tiebreaker and lingering death tiebreakers were the two types of tiebreakers introduced in the game. This again happened in the year 1965.

Consecutive Grand Slams

It is not easy to win a single Grand Slam. But a player named Don Budge has won six successive Grand slams. That is a record in the history of the sport. We must only wait and see if Djakovic can break that record.