Fitness Essentials For Tennis Players

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It is not wrong to say that Tennis is a technical game. So the fitness regime is also essential in the sport. If you want to be part of this game, then you need to work on your fitness factor. Tennis players undergo a fitness test to be part of this game. There is a various specific approach that evaluates the performance of the players in the field. This also helps in assessing the physical strength of the player. Players undergo multiple tests throughout the year to analyze their abilities and their performance. Tennis federation has also underlined various physical tests for the tennis players, which help practitioners in the process.

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Fitness Essentials For Tennis Players

Strength exercises, aerobics, physiological parameters are all part of the game. This helps players in giving a better performance in the game. In spite of the skill factor to perform the game, tennis players need to involve aerobic and anaerobic in their fitness regime. 

Improving The Performance: Fitness Essentials For Tennis Players

If you are looking towards improving your performance in the game, then you need to work on your fitness profile. Players need to target on their efficiency level. However, trainers need to set a particular goal for the players. They should assign their workload according to the set goals. Trainers must focus on the physical and technical factors that will improve the overall performance of the player. Coaches also lay down specific guidelines that will improve the overall performance. Short term and long term training also help in improving the performance level.

Fitness Essentials For Tennis Players
Fitness Essentials For Tennis Players

The basic element in the athlete development program is a day to day assessment of the physical performance of the game.

Laboratory Test And Field Test: Tennis

As we now know, Tennis is all about the technical and Practical game. You need to work on both the aspect. The field-based test is important to shape the athlete game. Training and physical exercise together with help in the process. Field test also works on the athlete muscle group. The laboratory-based test helps to evaluate the technical aspect of the player’s game. This method works on the standardization of the player.

The training helps the player to get ready for the competition. They prepare the players according to the workload in the competition. Players are trained according to their moment patterns. There is a proper check on the heart rate and muscle energy of the player. This all helps in the further game, and trainers get to know the performance level of each player, and it also helps in the self-evaluation by the players.

Different Exercises

There are a number of exercises that help the players in maintaining their physical abilities. These are 

Standing T exercise 

This helps in a muscle build-up of the player. You need to tighten your shoulders; you will then compensate your arms. This helps in shaping the tennis elbow.

Drop Lunge

Drop Lunge is another important exercise that helps in tennis performance. This helps in Improving lateral mobility and quickness as well. Hand walk and granny medicine ball toss are another important exercises that help in the tennis game.

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