Fitness Training Tracker

Fitness tracker for fitness training.

You’re ready to go for your next fitness training and that’s great. But how are you going to measure your progress?

Fitness training is important for any dynamic sport and tennis is one of them. In tennis, you’ve to constantly run around the court in order to reach the ball and hit it. That puts a lot of pressure to your muscles. So, proper fitness training is really important.

But all your hard work will mean nothing if you can’t keep a track of them. So, how are you going to do that?

You can do that with a simple fitness tracker.

Here are the 3 best fitness tracker tennis players like you can choose to buy from.

1. Waterproof Fitness Tracker Smartwatch

If you love to play tennis and do fitness training outside even if it’s raining, then this Waterproof Fitness Tracker is the right device for you.

This fitness tracker will not only track how much distance you’ve covered, but it can also track data like how much calories you’ve burned. And it can do all of this in real-time. But its capabilities don’t stop here. It can also measure vital activities like heart rate, oxygen level, and your blood pressure so you can understand what is actually happening to your body.

This fitness tracker has a 1.3″ glass touch screen and a resolution of 240 x 240 IPS. Moreover, it has a rechargeable 120 mAh battery that will last for up to 12 days. So, you can do your regular activities without worrying about its battery. You can’t afford to not have this.

2. Fitness Tracker Smart Bracelet

If you love to practice tennis on a clay court, then look no further than this Fitness Tracker Smart Bracelet. It may look like any small fitness tracker but it’s rich with some of the best feature a smart bracelet can offer.

For example, it’ll keep counting the number of calories you will be burning with each tennis shots. And not only that; it’ll also track your heart rate, the number of hours you’ve slept, and how many meters you’ve run. Tracking data like this gives you a huge confidence boost. And this fitness tracker will help you do just that.

This amazing fitness tracker is IP68 certified waterproof and it also comes with a dustproof coating so this fitness tracker will never be damaged by rain or dust. You can also get weather forecast with it.

3. Smart Health Tracker

If you’re looking for a perfect health tracker that can cover all your needs, then look no further than this Smart Health Tracker. It’ll make sure you always stay up to date with the condition of your body.

It’ll measure your heart rate and blood pressure in real-time during your work out. It has a great battery backup so it’ll keep working for full 7 days once you fully charge it. Also, its LED display also shows the number of steps. This way, you can calculate how much calories you’ve burnt during the whole day. You’ll get to see the solid numbers.

This health tracker is IP67 waterproof and comes with 16 MB of RAM. It has vivid 1.3″ touch display. Also, it’s compatible with both iOS and Android. So, no matter what kind of mobile you have, you’ll always get to see the right numbers even if you change your cell phone.

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