How To Buy The Right Type Of Grips For Tennis

A little girl holding a racket on a court

There is no game or at least no winning without the coach. The coaches suggest you buy equipment that will be not just useful but will also improve your game. Hence, most of the professional players do not even think twice before buying anything that is told by their coaches. This is one quality that will take anyone to where they belong which is the summit of ranking. Grips for tennis play a major role in the game. If you have not already identified the type of anti-slip tennis grip that suits your game, you are in big trouble. There are plenty of different grips available in the market. But the best of which is sold in the right Store. Let us look at the advantages offered while buying the Grips.

Let us look at some of the most common types of grips used in the tennis world.


The grips are made up of adjustable dimensions. They are 110 x 2.5 cm. The flexibility in size allows you to use the anti-slip tennis grip in several other sports like badminton, squash, etc.

A person hitting a ball with a racket

Sweat Absorption

These grips also offer you sweat absorption. If you closely observe, you will be able to see pores. The pores facilitate the flow of air between hand the racket. This will help avoid the sweat from flowing down. Also, Nadal is the one who sweats a lot among all the tennis players. So, follow his game and find out how he tackles the problem.

Micro Dry Comfort Grips

The Micro Dry Comfort grips act as a drying agent. They dry the racquet handle as soon as you release them for a serve or a break. The racquet needs to be held with both hands for final shots. This causes sweat from both sides to stick to it. Hence, Micro Dry offers extra dryness and absorption of perspiration. Roger Federer has used one such Micro Dry grips during the last French Cup to solve the problem of tennis grips for sweaty palms.

A person hitting a ball with a racket


The Hydosorb was made famous during the ATP Tour matches. Well, till then it was not easy to find the grip to match the perfection of the ones used by the professionals. So, this was released to make the work easier. The name itself suggests the absorption of water. Well, in this case, sweat. Most of the sweaty palms is an individual condition. Hence, it is difficult to assign a single type of grip to an only person. So, Hydosorb is best suited for people with sweaty palms.


The overgrips are among the most famous grips in the lot. They give you the right amount of flexibility. You can either put it back in or take it out to release some amount of pressure. These are not just for tennis but all other racquet sports. Well, if you think that your palms are causing trouble not only concerning tennis but other racquet sports like Badminton, squash, etc. this is one of the ideal grips to try.

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