Indoor Tennis Vs. Outdoor Tennis: What’s The Difference?

An outdoor tennis court.

Why Indoor tennis is so much different than playing the same game outside?

It’s true that no matter where you play tennis, it’s still the same game. You still need to use the same techniques and equipment. And you still need to run all over your court the hit the tennis ball. These aspects are always going to be the same.

So, what makes indoor and outdoor tennis so much different?

It’s the surface and the surrounding environment. The pace and bounce of the surface and their surroundings play a big role as it literally forces the players to adapt their playing styles and strategies.

In this article, you’ll discover how these factors make indoor tennis a completely different ballgame than the outdoors ones. So without further ado, let’s dive in…

1. Indoor Tennis is Fast-paced

Man getting recovering for a shot in an indoor tennis court.
Indoor Tennis Vs. Outdoor Tennis: What’s The Difference

In outdoor tennis, the pace and bounce of the ball vary a lot in the different parts of the court. The pace of the tennis ball may become significantly slow after bouncing off a certain part of the court. Yet the ball may come back to you with a rocket-fast pace with a low bounce making it difficult for you to recover.

This makes outdoor tennis slow-paced and lengthy as the players need to observe the ball as it is difficult to anticipate the ball’s trajectory.

But that’s not the case with the indoor tennis courts. In fact, it’s completely opposite. The courts are smoother and they have an even bounce all over the surface. So, if you’ve ever done your tennis training indoor, you’ll see that the ball skids off the surface and come with an even pace and bounce.

This makes it easier the anticipate where the ball is going. In turn, you can easily hit the ball hard to baffle your opponent with your power.

The basics of tennis lessons will never change. It’s your playing strategy you have to adapt according to each playing surface.

2. You’re Less Likely to Be Dehydrated In Indoor Tennis

Water coming out swirling off a spinning tennis ball.
Indoor Tennis Vs. Outdoor Tennis: What’s The Difference

When you take your tennis lessons indoor, you’ll never be affected by the sun. Also, indoor courts normally regulate their air and temperature to make the player more comfortable so they can focus on their game.

That’s why you’re less likely to be dehydrated in indoor courts even if you keep doing your tennis training for long hours.

But things are different in outdoor settings. Once you get to the outdoor courts, especially during the summer, you’ve to keep yourself hydrated to train under the scorching sun.

Outdoor tennis is already a slow and lengthy game. You’ll have to play for hours right under the heat of the sun to outlast your opposition. That’s how you win an outdoor tennis game. But this also dries up a lot of water from your body.

So, if you don’t a lot of water in a regular interval, you’ll end up being dehydrated lying of a hospital bed.

3. The Weather Consistency

Sun rays falling down on a tennis ball.
Indoor Tennis Vs. Outdoor Tennis: What’s The Difference

When you play tennis in an outdoor court, you not only have to consider the surface, but you’ll also the current weather to play your best game.

Weather conditions like wind and moisture can affect where the ball is going to go. For example, if the wind is gusting through the court at 15-20 MPH( miles per hour), then it’ll make the ball swing in its direction. And the presence of moisture is only going to make the swing even more difficult to read. And you’ll totally miss the ball if you don’t adapt according to these conditions.

But you don’t have to face these harsh weather conditions while playing indoor tennis. The weather outside doesn’t influence the conditions inside an indoor court. So, the environment always remains consistent here. This eliminates the need to adapt to different conditions so the players can continue with their tennis lessons.

This allows the players to hit the ball with full force to score a point without any second thought.

In Conclusion

Playing tennis inside a big hall is definitely a whole different game than playing it under the open sky. But it’s the ability to adapt according to conditions that turn good players into great.

Make sure you calculate the pace of the incoming ball on different surfaces. Always keep yourself hydrated no matter where you’re learning your tennis lessons. Take the weather conditions into account to make powerful and accurate shots so you can win the game.

If you notice these differences, learn from them and adapt, then you can truly become a great tennis player.

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