Learn Tennis: Tips For High School Students

players practicing and trying to learn tennis.

If you seriously want to learn tennis and don’t see it as just another game to spend your free time, then college tennis is the best way to go. College tennis programs are specially created to develop talented tennis players so they can break their way to the professional scene.

That’s why your first goal should be to build your tennis foundation right from your high school years.

But in order to get recruited into college tennis programs, you’ve to get into college first. Plus, the path towards college tennis can often confuse teenagers like you.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Here are some tips to get into the college tennis programs.

1. The Freshman Year: Learn Tennis And Build The Foundation

College tennis is a great way to step into the professional tennis scene. So, if you’re a high school freshman and want to secure a position in college tennis in the future, then you should focus on some specific things.

They are:

  • Keep practicing to improve your game. You can even join special classes to learn tennis effectively.
  • Don’t forget your high school studies. In order to get into college tennis team, you’ve to get into the college first. That’s why it’s crucial to keep your GPA high.

If you’re just 14 or 15 years old now, you need to realize that college tennis is still far away. But still, you need to develop your tennis skills at this time. However, that doesn’t mean you forget your academics entirely. Both of these things are important and you should treat them both with similar importance.

From the athletic standpoint, focus on developing your tennis skills this 4 years before college. Yes, you can learn complex tennis skills later. But if you want to get into professional tennis, then you have to develop your foundation early on. This is the only way to excel in college tennis.

2. Sophomore Year

Learn Tennis: Tips For High School Students
Learn Tennis: Tips For High School Students

If you’re in your sophomore year of high school and still have the same passion for tennis, then it’s time to focus on the game a little more seriously. Here are some actions you can take:

  • If you’re not a part of any tennis class yet, then it would be wise to get into one now.
  • Research about your favorite colleges and their tennis programs. And then make a list of the colleges you’re interested in which have great tennis programs.
  • Focus on SAT and ACT too. If possible, try taking a practice SAT or ACT test.
  • Register yourself with NAIA and NCAA eligibility centers.

So many high school sophomores consider contacting a coach at this point. But you still need to work on your game. Wait for another year. Meanwhile, learn different tennis tactics and skills yourself and build a solid foundation.

3. Junior Year

At this point in your high school tennis career, you can and should seriously focus on the game of tennis. If you’re a top tennis player registered with NCAA, then Division I and Division II coaches may start contacting you if they’re interested in you.

However, if you haven’t been contacted yet, then here’s a list of things you should do:

  • Call or email the tennis coaches of the colleges you’re interested in.
  • If a number of coaches have shown interest in you, make sure you stay in touch with them.
  • If possible, make an unofficial visit to your favorite colleges.

4. Finally, Senior Year

Learn Tennis: Tips For High School Students
Learn Tennis: Tips For High School Students

Your time is the most important resource you’ve got once you get into your senior year of high school. But you can still search for the right tennis programs of different colleges. If you’re not sure where to look yet, then it’s time for you get back to the whiteboard:

  • At what level do you currently play? Look for a suitable school with the right tennis program according to your level.
  • How much financial aid does a college provide?
  • Do your favorite colleges offer your desired academic programs and majors.
  • What kind of coach are you looking for?

In Conclusion: Learn Tennis Early On To Get Into College Tennis

If you’re truly in love with tennis and want to advance to the professional level, then college tennis is the best way to go. And to get into the college tennis programs, you’ve got to prepare yourself early on in your high school years.

Build a strong foundation by learning tennis basics and techniques. Research about your desired schools and their tennis programs. Contact tennis coaches early on in your junior years and prepare for SAT. And finally, sharpen your skills and research about different colleges and their academics as well.

If you follow all the steps and keep practicing every day, then you’ll surely get into your favorite college tennis program.

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