Rackets Are Made With These Materials?

Did You The Science Behind The Racket Vibration?

Tennis is a very famous sport, played and widely accepted worldwide. Tennis requires extraordinary patience, strength, and energy. The tennis equipment is essential as more power is needed to play tennis with rackets. There are world-class tournaments taking place where tennis is played. The leading equipment required for tennis is the racket and the tennis ball. The tennis racket must be powerful to play it from one end to another.

blue tennis racket and green Wilson ball
Rackets Are Made With These Materials?

Earlier tennis rackets made up of wood. But during the current time, the changes are made to increase the performance and the durability of the noises. Wood makes them heavy. Hence lightweight composites play an essential role in the manufacturing of tennis rackets. The lighter weight does not give any damage to the hands and increases the performance of the player. There are various choices available as well. Before purchasing a racket, proper information and guidance required.  

Graphite Used For Tennis Racket

Different types of rackets are available with various composite materials. Graphite being one of the product makes the best rackets with the lightweight. Pure graphite preferred for the composition of the noises making the racket very stiff. The frame is made of composites such as Kevlar, fiberglass, titanium, and other materials. Pure graphite gives a rigid feel and gives the best strength. Based on this, the racket provides the maximum amount of power to the player. The vibration in the noise is also very less as compared to other sounds, and this helps a lot to the beginners. 

Aluminum Used For The Tennis Rackets

Aluminum is less expensive as compared to the other composites. The weight of the aluminum racket becomes very much less as compared to the graphite racket. For the kids and the beginners, this racket is very much preferred as this is light in weight and gives the best output. Sometimes in doubles games, the aluminum rackets are better of, as this provides more power for the shorter distance.

two gray badminton rackets on white wooden surface
Rackets Are Made With These Materials?

Boron/Kevlar Used For The Tennis Rackets

This composite is similar to the graphite and is stiffer than graphite. The vibration is more in the racket originating from these composites. Having more vibrations, the racket originating from the boron and Kevlar are not advisable for the kids and the beginners. This may cause severe damage to the player due to more vibration.

String Materials Used For The Tennis Rackets

The stings play an essential role in the shots played by the player. Nylon based stings give the immense power and the accuracy for the tennis game. The chemical composition is necessary while making the nylon required for this game. Apart from plastic, polyester also used for making the strings. Polyester has less power as compared to the nylon strings.

Aluminium Alloy Tennis Rackets

The best rackets are available with minimum vibration.

Aluminium Alloy Tennis Rackets
Rackets Are Made With These Materials?

The Racket selected based on the type of game and age of the gamers playing tennis. Choosing the wrong racket may cause damage to the hands. 

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