Should You Get A Tennis Ball For Your Dog To Play With?

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One of the most inexpensive items that you can use to play with your dog is a tennis ball. They come handy and are ideal for keeping your dog physically fit and active. It also helps the dog to stay mentally alert. It is thus not wrong to say that a tennis ball is the most common item for your dog play routine. However, the fact that a tennis ball is also unsafe for your dog is not false. Toxic substances adhered to the ball’s surface can harm the health of your dog and make him sick. 

How Are Tennis Balls For Dog Play Unsafe?

A lot of times during a usual dog play, when your dog is chasing the tennis ball, he might end up gobbling it and choke himself. Bigger dogs have higher chances of chewing the ball and hazarding themselves. If the ball breaks into smaller pieces, then your dog becomes vulnerable to serious problems such as choking. There is thus a considerable risk involved in making your dog play with a tennis ball. Aggressive chewing (if your dog does so) may cause bluntness in your dog’s teeth. The tiniest chunk of the tennis ball can block your dog’s windpipe and even cause blockage in his intestines. It thus becomes essential to maintain safety while allowing your dogs to play with a tennis ball. 

A dog playing with a frisbee in its mouth

How To Avoid The Risk Of Playing With A Tennis Ball?

There are specific ways by which you can ensure safety playing with the tennis ball. Make sure that you properly watch your dog while he is playing with the ball. Do not allow your dog to play with the ball very often. Also, ensure that he does not treat the ball as a chew toy.

Whenever you are going out to purchase a new ball for your dog, pick the dog-friendly one. Such kinds of balls are safer and made up of harmless material. They are free from products such as lead, toxic glues, and rubber that can prove to be fatal for your little creature. If your dog still fails to give up his habit of chewing, then you should opt for better options such as hard rubber balls. 

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Are Rubber Balls Any Safer?

The hard rubber ball is, no doubt, a better solution than the regular tennis balls. You should keep in mind that the size of the ball is considerably bigger than the mouth of your dog. This makes the chances of your dog choking on it lesser.

The material of the ball should also be checked. Protecting your dogs from these accidents is essential. Some dogs may resist playing with hard balls initially, but you need to engage them as they are safer. Depending upon the size of the mouth of your dog, choose a rubber ball wisely, and protect your buddy from all dangers. 

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