Skateboarding- Facts, Types, And Benefits

Skateboarding- Facts, Types, And Benefits

Skateboarding is the most popularly loved sport by everyone. It is very creative and motivates you in different ways. Moreover, it is all about discovering new tricks and twists with an old trick. You can enjoy your freedom with creative ideas on your own. Also, you don’t have any rules, referees, or even boundaries. Skating with your friends is the best hang out which you can enjoy by sharing your tricks and ideas.

Skateboarding- Facts, Types, And Benefits
Skateboarding- Facts, Types, And Benefits

Interesting Facts About Skateboarding

  • Sidewalk Surfing: Before it reached the success initially, it was seen here and there around local places. Moreover, many people started to create skateboard and named it as sidewalk surfing and surfers. Therefore, they came up with an idea of surfing in the land. Kids love to surf near the hills downwards using the skateboards.
  • Set bearing: Many people think it is the wheel, or the quality build is what makes you move faster. But the real fact is not about these things instead of the bearing, which is a significant role. You must set bearings higher to lead faster skateboarding.
  • Shoeless: In the early stage, people used to skate without footwear. Surfing on land was recreated without any shoes. Moreover, this made many people take the board to remove their footwear and start on with a quick ride.
  • Original Shape: Earlier, it was a plank of wood in a rectangle shape that had four wheels attached. Now it is designed in round shape after the designer came to the reason behind the speed, durability, and balance.
  • Goofy Stance: The term goofy in skateboarding is that putting your right foot forward instead of the left foot.
  • Ambidextrous Skateboarders: Many of the skateboarders are trained to use both left and right foot. Also, with the help of the right practice, they can use both the foot on either side.
  • Longest Ollie: Tricks are always a part of the sport, and that will change anytime. Many tried to hit the world record, and at this time, a man named Jordan Hoffart has beaten the record. He hit 16 feet and 6-inch ollie. 
  • Used In Wars: Earlier in 90’s the US military team tried to bring in the skateboards to move around. Because in a few places, they cannot use military trucks. 

Types Of Skateboarding

There are different types of skateboarding. If you come to know about the types, you can pick one. Moreover, from the beginner into an experienced one.

  • Freestyle skateboard
  • Slalom skateboard
  • Downhill skateboard
  • Vert skateboard
  • Street skateboard
  • Park skateboard
  • Pool skateboard
  • Cruising skateboard
  • Off-road skateboard

Health Benefits 

  • Fitness: It helps you to burn calories and stay in perfect physical shape. Moreover, you will not be able to calculate the exact calories burnt while skating. But based on your size, you might burn 150 to 500 calories per hour.
Skateboarding- Facts, Types, And Benefits
Skateboarding- Facts, Types, And Benefits
  • Flexibility: When you skate, you automatically move every part of your body and in all directions. Moreover, while skating, you use feet, legs, and arms for balance. Your whole body will be in twisting motion. No other sport has a variety of moving, but skating has.
  • Stress Relief: Any physical will keep you away from stress. Moreover, skateboarding is very powerful in dealing with stress.
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