Tennis Fitness Tips: 5 Tips To Take Care Of Your Feet

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Do you follow the right tennis fitness tips to take care of your feet?

When you play tennis, you don’t just run but you also jump, change direction, and twist. And all of them put a lot of pressure on your feet. Plus, your feet are going to be covered with sweat if you keep on training for long hours.

All of the above situations can damage your feet. So, you have to take good care of them.

In this article, you’re going to learn some of the best tennis fitness tips to keep your feet safe.

So, let’s dig in.

1. Wear The Right Footwear

If you want to make sure that your feet always stay healthy, then wear the right kind of footwear. First, check the tennis court and see what kind of surface you’ll be playing on. And then choose the right pair of shoes accordingly.

For example, when you’re playing on a grass court, make sure you wear a shoe with more friction under the sole. This will prevent you from slipping on the grass court. However, if you use the same shoes on a clay court, then your foot may get stuck on the ground while you’re in motion. This may cause severe injuries and blister.

And you definitely won’t want all the ankle pain. So, make sure you wear the right footwear.

2. Clean And Wash Your Feet Regularly

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Tennis Fitness Tips: 5 Tips to Take Care of Your Feet

Want to keep infection miles away from your feet? Good. Then make sure you regularly wash your feet and keep them clean.

Let’s get real, you’ll sweat a lot during your tennis fitness training. So, your feet will become wet and soft because of the sweat. That’s why it’s crucial to wash your feet along with your hands right after you get back home.

This way, you can prevent fungus and harmful bacterias from feeding on your sweat. In turn, your feet will stay fresh and you can effectively prevent diseases like athlete’s foot.

3. Keep Your Tennis Shoes Fresh To Maintain Fitness Standards

You can clean your feet as many times as you want but if your shoes aren’t fresh, it won’t matter. You may still have to face trouble. That’s why it’s necessary to keep your shoes clean too.

When you practice for long hours under the sun, your feet will sweat too and that sweat is going to get stored in your shoes. So, if you don’t dry your shoes after you get back home, you may still get feet infections.

So, make sure you keep your shoes to dry under the sun right after you get back to your home. This way, your shoes will get some air and stay fresh. In turn, your feet will always stay safe.

4. Don’t Ignore The Injuries

It’s always advisable to prevent any kind of injuries, blisters, or disease before it manifests. However, if you do get blisters on your feet, then you should take proper care of them.

Apply the right lotions and antiseptic on your blister after cleaning it with water. Apply it gently over the area. It’s even better if you band-aid the entire blister to stop the infection from spreading.

And if an emergency arrives, call a doctor or go to the nearest hospital immediately.

5. The Size Of The Shoe

sports shoe with right fit
Tennis Fitness Tips: 5 Tips to Take Care of Your Feet

A lot of foot injuries can be effectively avoided if you just use a shoe with the right size.

Measure your foot and get a pair of shoes with the right size. Don’t think about future-proofing and buy the shoe the exactly matches your foot’s size.

Also, make sure you wear a pair of socks with your shoes. Every tennis fitness expert recommends this as socks will help to reduce the friction between your feet and shoes. This way, you can prevent a lot of problems like burning, tennis toe, etc.

So, next time you go to buy sports shoes, make sure it fits perfectly on your feet.

Tennis Fitness: Conclusion

You’ve to stay fit in order to get back to the court and play tennis. However, if you don’t take proper care of them, then you may end up on your bed for weeks.

Get the right shoes with the right size. Wash your feet regularly and dry your shoes every day after the game. And finally, if you get caught in injuries, make sure you take proper care of them.

If you follow these tips, then your feet will always be safe and you’ll be ready to conquer the game anytime.

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