Tennis Lessons: 4 Tips You Need To Know To Serve Faster

Tennis lessons: women serving a tennis ball.

Do you remember your very first tennis lessons?

If you do then you probably remember how you’d tried to serve the ball too hard but failed to hit the ball properly. Then you’ve been told by your tennis coach to focus on the right techniques to serve the ball before you try to serve it faster.

Guess what, he was right. Because no matter how powerful your service is, if it’s off the line, then it’s totally worthless. But once you master the preliminary techniques, the first thing you need to focus on is the speed of your service.

If your services are slow, then your opponents will have an easy chance to turn the game in their favor. That’s why it’s important to serve the ball faster than your current service speed. If you can hit the ball with formidable power, then you’ll consistently secure easy points throughout your match.

In this article, we’re going to discuss how you can serve the tennis ball faster and win games.

Here are the 4 tips you need to know to serve faster:

Tennis Lessons #1: Toss The Ball In Front Of You

Tennis lessons: man tossing the ball up to serve.
Tennis Lessons: 4 Tips You Need to Know to Serve Faster

If you want to serve the ball faster and stun your opponent, then make sure you toss the ball in front of you.

One of the biggest mistakes novice players do is that they often toss the ball slightly behind their head. In turn, this forces them to stretch your back backward. As a result, they make the contact between the ball and the racket way back their head and they lose power.

When you tose the ball in front of you, you can shift your body weight forward and hit the ball with the additional momentum you get from it. This is what allows you to hit the ball with brute force that wins you points.

And if you’ve joined any club, this is one of the first tennis lessons you’ll ever learn: Always toss the ball in front of you.

Tennis Lessons #2: Focus On The Rotation

If all you’ve ever relied on is your arm to generate power, you’ve been doing it wrong.

Sure, the power of your arm is important if you want to serve the ball with power. But that’s not the whole story. in fact, it’s far from it. Make sure you rotate your shoulders and your waist in order to get additional power.

This way, you can use your whole body’s momentum and shift it directly to the ball. In turn, your service will have a massive amount of power that will go like a trace of the bullet to your opponent.

Tennis Lessons #3: Hit The Ball With Less Spin

Tennis Lessons: 4 Tips You Need to Know to Serve Faster

If you’ve been taking tennis lessons for a while, then you must have been told to hit the ball with spin, especially with topspin. While it’s true that hitting the ball with spin get the ball to move in the air which puzzles your opponent.

But it’s not an effective move while you’re serving the ball. When you’re serving the ball, your opponent is always ready to face the ball and hit a return stroke. In this case, adding spin to your ball only increase the friction between the ball and the racket. It slows the ball down and gives your opponent enough time to return the ball with massive speed.

That’s why it’s a good idea to hit the ball flat while you’re serving the ball. This will generate more pace and will give your opponent less time to react to it.

Tennis Lesson #4: Adjust Your Racket

While hitting techniques and other skills is essential to hit a powerful service, adjusting your racket a bit can also help. Here are some ways adjusting your rackets can help you generate more power:

  • Play with a longer racket. It’s just plain physics. The longer the racket is, the faster its head will move. As a result, your services will have more speed.
  • It might seem counter-intuitive but decreasing the tension of your racket’s string actually generates more power.
  • Use a heavier racket. Once again, it’s simple physics. When you use a heavier racket, you add more momentum to the ball which results in faster service. But it also has a few downsides. For example, you’re more likely to get injured and your racket movements will be slower than usual because of the extra weight.

Wrapping It up…

The speed of your service can become the difference between victory and defeat. That why it’s crucial to increase your service speed.

Toss the ball in front of you and rotate your entire body while serving the ball. Hit the ball with less spin and serve it flat. Adjust your racket a bit if it seems to help you. Play with a longer and heavier racket and decrease the string tension of your racket.

If you follow these tips and keep practicing, your service speed will eventually increase and you’ll win more matches.

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