Tennis Lessons: 6 Mistakes Every Tennis Beginner Makes

Tennis ball on a racket.

What is the biggest mistake a beginner do while they go through their tennis lessons?

It’s not learning the things you shouldn’t do while playing the game of tennis.

Sure, learning the basics and the essential techniques is important to improve your game. It’s important to understand what you should do while you’re inside the court to ace in this game. But not learning what you shouldn’t do will only hamper your tennis training a slow down your progress.

Recognizing the biggest mistakes every beginner make will not only help you improve your skills quickly, but it’ll also help you read your opposition’s mind.

In this article, we’re going to reveal seven common mistakes every beginner makes to make to help you improve your game. So, let’s dig in…

1. Not Watching The Tennis Ball

This one is probably the most important rule that you’ll learn during your tennis lessons: Always keep a close eye on the ball.

Of course, you need to keep looking at your opponent and what they’re doing to anticipate his or her next move. But if you keep most of the focus on your opponent’s movement and not on the tennis ball, then you may end up missing the ball in the first place.

That’s why it’s crucial to keep your most of your focus on the ball. Always keep a close eye on the tennis ball as it’s moving to anticipate it’s pace and direction, especially as a beginner.

Once you master the ball, you can take a look around the other places of the court.

2. Tennis Lessons: Moving Towards The Bounce

Man getting ready to hit the tennis ball.
Tennis Lessons: 6 Mistakes Every Tennis Beginner Makes

Do you know what’s the biggest problem with moving towards the bounce?

The problem is that it’s too late once you get there and the ball has already gone past you. And even if you manage to make a contact between the ball and the racquet, the hit is still going to be pretty wild or misdirected.

And that’s not the way you’d want to learn tennis.

Instead, try to anticipate where the ball is going to go, and then try to get behind the ball and hit it while the ball is still in front of your eyes. This way, you can hit the ball every single time without letting it go past you.

And the best way to accurately anticipate where the ball is going is to keep a close eye on the ball. So, remember it while doing your training and don’t rush to the bounce.

3. Swinging The Racket From The Wrist Or Elbow

Agreed. Your elbow and your wrist are essential while making a swing. Your elbow or wrist play a huge role in hitting the ball in the right direction. But you shouldn’t start the process of making a swing from any of these body parts.

Because if you swing the racket from your wrist or elbow, then your shot will not have the necessary pace and it would be a very weak one. Besides, you may also suffer from serious wrist injuries if you keep doing that.

Instead, you should start swinging from the shoulder and then the momentum should be carried forward to your elbow and your wrist. This is how you make a powerful shot that will baffle your opponent and gives them less time to recover.

That’s how you’ll keep the injuries away, hit powerful shots, and get the points.

4. Tennis Lessons: Not Making A Recovery

Tennis player making a recovery.
Tennis Lessons: 6 Mistakes Every Tennis Beginner Makes

You just made a great shot — that’s awesome. But the truth is that there’s no time to wait and think how great your previous shot is. The ball is already coming back right to you.

The mistake most beginners make during their tennis lessons is that they don’t start recovering immediately after they made the shot. In tennis, there’s no time to stand and see the ball moving after you made a shot. Hitting the ball is only half of the task. You’ve got to recover instantly and prepare for the next ball that’s coming right in your direction.

And if you don’t move quickly, then you’re going to lose the ball and also the points.

So, stay alert and keep recovering.

5. Playing With The Wrong Tennis Equipment

You may not want to shell out too much money buying brand-new tennis equipment if you’re just starting out with your tennis training. That’s because you don’t how long you’ll play tennis or if you’ll even like it.

And it’s totally understandable.

However, it’s still a good idea to invest a little bit to at least get right playing equipment with reasonable quality. Otherwise, it may hinder your progress and hurt your game.

It’s already tough to learn tennis and master its basics. Getting the wrong equipment will only hamper your progress and make your tennis lessons even more difficult to follow.

6. Quitting Too Early

Girl with tennis racket.
Tennis Lessons: 6 Mistakes Every Tennis Beginner Makes

The most common mistake a beginner make is quitting way too early.

Tennis is indeed a very difficult game, especially for beginners. You may immerse yourself in hours of tennis training, and yet it may seem like you’re not making any progress. And it can be disheartening.

But don’t lose your patience and stick with it. Keep going through your tennis lessons and keep hitting the ball. Don’t make the mistake of quitting the game while you’re improving your game.

Keep doing this and you might even surprise yourself.

Tennis Lessons: Conclusion

Mastering the game of tennis is hard and it may seem like you’re stuck at times and you’ll make a lot of mistakes during this process.

But it’s the lesson is not about making zero mistakes. It’s about learning from them. Keep a close eye at the ball, always remember to recover, and most importantly, never quit.

Understand why you’re making these mistakes and learn from them. If you keep up with your tennis training, then you’ll eventually see the results.

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