Tennis Racket Vibrations

Tennis Racket Vibrations And Shock Transformation

Tennis is the most famous in a worldwide racket sport game. The tennis racket is the essential kit for the game. Different players use different kinds of rackets and play various drives in the game. However, most of the players experienced the shock transformation that goes from the racket to the wrist, mainly when the wrist drive played. 

Tennis Balls And Tennis Racket Strings

Why Do The Players Experience Vibration?

  • Most of the shock vibrations experienced in the wrist when the forehand drive was played. It gives discomfort to the players and affects their game as well.
  • There is no clinical on what kind of reactions that It makes in the wrist and the hand. However, a continuous shock vibration might even cause soreness to the forearm or an injury.
  • This could mainly happen because of the racket strings and handle stiffness.

Types Of Notable Vibration In The Racket

Whatever the design of the racket may be, the below two areas of racket’s string bed benefits the player. The impactful vibration occurs when the players misplace the drives. It means the area where the ball touches in the stringbed. It could be because of the lack of tennis skills. 

  • The nodal sweet spot
  • The Center of Percussion

It is well tested that if the ball hit the above two areas of the stringbed, Only the minimal vibration experienced. It has a strong relationship with the timing, frequency, and the velocity of the drive.

 Dampener To Overcome The Discomfort

String dampers are one of the solutions to overcome the discomfort caused while playing forehand drives. It reduces the vibration in the racket.

The usage of a dampener is reducing the vibration. Moreover, it also controls the sound that comes from the racquet when the players hit the forehand drives.

Tennis Balls And Tennis Racket Strings
Tennis Balls And Tennis Racket Strings

Hence this has been taken for investigation in the lab to help the players from this short-term suffering. Whatever the benefits of dampers might very in the real-time game. Because different players play the drives differently, moreover, it ultimately depends on the player-racket relationship.

Where To Install The Dampener?

The players can place the dampener anywhere outside the pattern of the cross strings. It is the section-4 rule from ITF (International Tennis Federation). 

You can see most of the players placing the dampener below the last cross stings and in the center of the main string. 

There is no hard and fast rule on how many dampeners can be placed. It is based on the player’s comfort, and it does not have any pointers to improve the racquet’s play. However, international players prefer having one stopper in the racquet.

Does Dampener Work

It entirely depends on the player’s preference for what reason he wants to use the dam

Beyond all, the dampener controls the vibration and ‘ping’ sound when the ball hits the stringbed of the racquet.

Ultimately, to avoid the tennis elbow injury, the player needs to choose the right racquet and the strings to play the game safe.

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