Tennis Serve Technique


You need to know the right tennis serve technique to use your services as a weapon. If the serve technique is wrong, it turns into a liability instead of serving as an asset. Following a few serving tips will not help in learning the right technique.

Alternatively, you will have to work on step-wise movements for constructing service motion right from the ground. You can use the following progressions for correcting your serving technique if you find it ineffective.

Tennis Serve Technique: The Stance

Mastering the right way to present a stance will give you an edge over others when playing tennis. You need to understand perfect foot postures for getting the proper stance. An ideal serve stance will offer you great balance in different directions. It will provide you with stability in all the directions while initiating and executing the full-service movement.

Consider learning both varieties of stances, namely pin-point stance and platform stance. When you are practicing a platform stance, your feet will always remain in the same position throughout the service signal. On the other hand, in a pin-point stance, you will initiate the services from a platform stance. Both these stances are fine. If you are tall, use the pin-point stance, and if you are an explosive player, go for platform stance.

Tennis Serve Technique: The Grip

The continental grip is considered the perfect serve grip method. You can get this grip in several ways. It involves gripping the tennis racquet just like you would hold a hammer. The edge of the racquet should be vertical to the ground. Once you are done with this step, place the left index finger in the gap between the index finger and the thumb of the right hand. It will have your left index finger pointing towards the left edge of the racquet.

Always keep in mind how you hold your tennis racquet shows several things about your serve technique and will also determine its effectiveness. Therefore, you must grip the racquet in the right way.

Hitting The Ball

It is the hitting part where the actual service takes place, and it can either be correct or incorrect. When trying to hit the ball, you need to consider backswing components such as bending the knees, coiling, maintaining trophy posture, swinging the racquet, and many more things. These are simple ways of accumulating the required energy. You need to gather energy to release the ball explosively.

Your hitting moment should be right because it will determine whether you hit the ball correctly or not. Swinging up and contacting, losing a drop of the arm and the racquet and pronation are other essential factors governing your hitting quality.

Toss And Backswing

Once you are done with the hitting moment, it is time for you to get right at that stage from your initial tennis serving posture. Here, you will have to combine toss with a backswing because both these procedures happen simultaneously. You can choose to serve in two different ways if you are comfortable doing so. But remember, it is the power move that will define the quality of your service.