Want To Learn Tennis? Don’t Believe These 5 Myths

Woman trying to learn tennis and holding the racket and the ball.

What’s the biggest hurdle you’ve to get over if you want to learn tennis in the right way?

It’s the widespread myths of tennis. In fact, these myths are so widespread that some of them have also managed to get into the tennis training manuals. And sometimes beginners and even tennis coaches blindly follow these myths as conventional rules of playing tennis.

But these myths aren’t making you a great player. In reality, they’re hampering your progress and holding you back. And sometimes, they’re even holding people back from learning tennis. That’s why you need to identify these myths and throw them off from your tennis classes and training.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of five most common tennis myths so you can throw them off and hit the road to become a great player.

So, without further ado, let’s get started…

1. It’s Expensive to Learn Tennis

Tennis ball and racket.
Want to Learn Tennis? Don’t Believe These 5 Myths

The truth is, tennis can indeed get expensive. But it doesn’t mean it has to. Unless you’re looking to learn tennis by hiring expensive tennis coaches and getting into premium tennis classes, it’s actually quite affordable to learn.

You can start by practicing in any public court available near you. According to the New York Times, the U.S. has almost 250,000 tennis courts where more than 28 million people can play tennis.

You can also get a really high-quality racket for less than $100 and a nice pair of shoes for around $50. And if you buy a can of fresh new tennis balls twice a week, then the balls wouldn’t cost you more than $250 per year.

And if you’re resourceful and love to learn on your own, then you can learn from any great online tennis class and can get access to great videos for no more than $50 a year.

So, don’t let people discourage you from even start learning tennis saying it’s very expensive and start your tennis training today.

2. It’s Hard to Learn Tennis If You’re Not Gifted

Boy trying to learn tennis.
Want to Learn Tennis? Don’t Believe These 5 Myths

When you’re just a beginner, you may find it overwhelming to get through technical details and basics of this game. It may feel like you’re not making any progress after hours of practice.

In these situations, you may fall for the trap of the rumors that say you can’t be a great player if you’re not gifted. You may get carried away and just quit tennis way too early.

Don’t make this mistake.

No great tennis player has ever achieved because they’re gifted. They achieved success because they continue following the basics and the conventional rules of tennis. They’ve worked hard and practiced for long hours to achieve greatness.

So, ignore the rumors and keep practicing. Because one day, you can achieve greatness too.

3. Take The Racket Back When You See The Ball Coming

Woman taking her racket back to hit the ball.
Want to Learn Tennis? Don’t Believe These 5 Myths

It’s really one of the wildest technical myths of tennis that can seriously mess your game up.

You may have been instructed by your tennis coach to pull your racket back every time you see the ball coming before doing anything else. And if your coach is saying this to you, ditch him or her now.

This myth might sound good in theory but that’s not what experienced players do. Have you ever seen a professional tennis player running across the court holding their racket back?

No, you haven’t. That’s because running or getting to the ball while holding the racket back can seriously reduce your speed and ability to recover. Besides, it would look awkward and chances are, you’ll miss the ball.

So, what should you do instead?

Take your racket back slowly as you move towards the ball. Only pull the racket back entirely once you’re ready to hit the ball, and never when you see the ball coming.

Never fall for this myth again or you may just harm your own game.

4. Power Dominates Technique

Man using proper technique to hit the ball.
Want to Learn Tennis? Don’t Believe These 5 Myths

If you’re playing tennis for quite some time now, then you’ll definitely come across this myth. It says that you should focus on hitting the ball hard and can develop the techniques down the road later on.

It may seem to make sense at first. After all, you’ve seen professional players like Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer hit the ball with insane power that stuns their opponent.

But that’s because they’ve worked hard on their techniques and made them so perfect that they can focus on hitting the ball hard. If you try to hit the ball hard without developing your technique first, then you’ll mis-hit it almost every single time.

Focus on developing your techniques first. Work on them until you make them sharp enough and then you can focus on increasing the power of your shot. This way, you can score more points and win the game.

5. Tennis Doesn’t Make You Strong

Man tinkering with his wrist band.
Want to Learn Tennis? Don’t Believe These 5 Myths

That’s the worse tennis myth you can ever come across. Tennis is hard. And it demands you to give everything you have towards the game, both mentally and physically.

Tennis takes a lot of stamina and mental power to play. You may have to take your tennis lessons under the scorching sun for long hours. You can literally burn as much as 1300 kcal of energy every 2-hour session.

It helps you burn fat, increase your stamina, build muscles, and increase your fitness. Also, a single game of tennis can last for long long hours and the pace of the game can get really slow at times. It takes mental toughness to keep your patience all this time and keep hitting the ball until your opponent exhausts.

That’s why tennis classes and long training sessions will not only make you a great player, but it’ll also make you mentally and physically tougher.

In Conclusion

Tennis is a tough game that requires a lot of dedication. But some myths around it may discourage many people from even start learning tennis.

Don’t fall for the myths like tennis is expensive and requires you to be highly gifted. You can be successful by being resourceful and with proper hard work. Learn the basic techniques in the right way and work on your fitness.

Now as we have these myths busted, train hard, and you can definitely level your game up.

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