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What Kids Should Be Taught In Their First Kids Tennis Lessons

Kids Tennis Lessons

So, your kids are interested in tennis and you have to take them for tennis lessons. However, you don’t have much knowledge about tennis. So, how do you ensure that your child is being taught the right fundamentals and techniques from the start? Even if you’re a pro in tennis, you still want to communicate with the tennis coach on the techniques that will be taught to your child. This is why we’ve put together what kids should be taught in their first few kids tennis lessons.


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Your child has to be taught the proper stance, for a start. However, there exist four common types of stances, so the tennis coach may deliberate on which of them to teach kids who are beginners. We have the closed, squared, semi-open, and open stances, so which should be taught to kids first? This actually depends on the instructor.

Modern instructors prefer starting with the semi-open or open stance. This teaches your kids not to have their heads turned. This way, they’re about to see the ball better.

However, instructors who learnt the traditional way may prefer starting with the closed or squared stance. Starting with either closed or squared stance effectively teaches your kids how to rotate their shoulders and upper bodies.

So, this is why you should discuss with your kids’ tennis coach to know which stances will be taught to your kids from the start.

Path Of Swing

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One way to detect kids who are not being given standard tennis lessons is their path of swing. They either hit down on the ball or don’t follow through properly.

The basic way to teach the correct path of swing is to have the kids hit from low to high, then finish the stroke across the shoulder. Beginners should be taught how to elongate their strokes by wrapping their arm around their necks.

Also, you should take note that modern tennis allows you to finish the stroke close to the hip or above the head.


Like stance, there exist various common ways to hold the tennis racket. Five of them are; one-handed backhand, two-handed backhand, semi-western, eastern, and continental grips.

Most instructors don’t teach a one-handed backhand any longer, since it’s going obsolete.

The preferred tennis grip among numerous modern players today is the semi-western grip. Also, players who learn via traditional methods prefer the eastern grip. So, your kid may either learn the eastern or the semi-western grip first, depending on the instructor’s preference; modern or traditional.

For your child to be able to serve the ball properly and hit volleys, continental grip has to be learned. It is, however, challenging to teach this grip to kids, since it doesn’t come naturally.


It takes time to master the perfect serve. Two methods are prioritised by coaches; Pete Sampras’ motion or Andy Roddick’s method. Though both methods are absolutely different, they both are powerful and effective when hitting serves.


As a parent, you have to ensure your kid is having the right tennis lessons from the beginning. This is why you should have a discussion with the tennis coach to determine what techniques and fundamentals will be taught first to your kid. Hence, we discuss what kids should be taught in their first kids tennis lessons.

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