Your Tennis Lessons Can Help You Meditate


What is the main mantra that you’ve been taught during your tennis lessons?

The mantra is: You’ve to focus on the present because that’s what matters. Everything else comes second. It might sound pretty straight forward and it should be easy to follow. But it’s not.

So, you practice tennis for hours every single day to master the present. It’s the same thing that you’ve got to do in order to succeed in meditation. In this article, you’ll learn how your tennis training can help you focus on your meditation.

So, without further ado, let’s begin.

1. Tennis Lessons Teaches Us To Mind Our Expectations

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Your Tennis Lessons Can Help You Meditate. Here’s How

When you go to the court to play a tennis match against any opponent, you always feel confident that you’ll win. But the real pleasure only comes after you defeat an opponent stronger than you.

But things can happen in the other way around too. You can also lose a match to a much weaker player than you and it can be frustrating. Because the truth is, you can’t always win. Sometimes, you’ll have to face unexpected defeats too that may shatter your hopes entirely.

You learn to control your emotions to get rid of excessive stress. The same thing happens with life and meditation. You’re not going to get a hang of it straight away. Someday, you’ll have a lot of trouble focusing on your meditation and your life. But you have to stick to it no matter what.

2. It Teaches Us To Decide Where We Need To Focus

When you took your tennis lessons, you have taught to focus on the ball instead of the opponent. Sure, watching your opponent is important to make proper tactics against him or her.

But that’s not your main focus. You should aim to keep your primary focus on the ball. So, your focus should shift from your opponent to the ball the moment it leaves your opponent’s racket. If you keep doing this, then you’ll eventually start to understand where the ball is going.

The same thing happens with meditation. You have to understand where you need to keep your focus on. For example, try to focus on your breathing. Try to sync your movement and mind with your breath. This way, you’ll be able to focus on your meditation and practice mindfulness.

3. It Teaches Us To Make Our Goals Simpler And Stick To Them

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Your Tennis Lessons Can Help You Meditate. Here’s How

When you play tennis, you can’t let yourself go out of focus. If you make things unnecessarily complex, then you’ll only suffer. So, don’t think about so much about your score or what’s going to happen in the next set. You’ve to keep yourself stick to the moment and just focus on hitting the ball until your opponent exhausts. Here, consistency is the key.

The same thing happens with meditation. You’ve got to live right in the moment. Don’t think about how you were unable to concentrate in the past. Don’t bother your mind with the thoughts of the future. Just live in the moment and try to concentrate your mind.

It’s okay that you want to control every moment in your life. But you’ve to understand that everything is not going to happen in your way. Just let it go and focus on the moment. This is how you can succeed in meditation and mind.